The clear choice for all your excavation needs.

These are our original pieces of equipment. While we have greatly expanded our fleet to address our clients' needs, our motto is still the same: "We want the small jobs the big guys don't want."


Preconstruction Planning
Excavation Expertise

We specialize in:


  • Site clearing

  • Demolition

  • Foundations

  • Stone driveways

  • Trenching

  • Sanitary Lines

  • Water Services



  • Septic systems

  • Retaining walls

  • Light hauling

  • Underground electric

  • Water runoff

  • Storm water


We pride ourselves on giving timely feedback and being readily accessible to our clients. We want you to feel secure when Weaver and Sons is on the job.


With over 30 years of experience in excavation and general construction, we can help you design a solution that meets your needs at a very reasonable cost.


Weaver and Sons Excavation started in 2007 when Mark Weaver closed his general construction business after 20 years. He decided to keep his excavation equipment and continue on as a part-time business. Eventually, business was good enough that he decided to go full-time. After going full-time, the Weaver and Sons office was relocated to a 200-year-old town hall building in Wrightsville that Mark personally renovated.  We have since added a new shop and office in Hellam, York County.


Mark's experience of over 30+ in the general construction business gives him the unique ability to advise on all phases of your project, as well as the excavation phase. Weaver and Sons can provide references from past residential clients, as well as numerous commercial contractors that use them regularly.


Our mission is simple: Get in, get out, and leave a happy customer!







Mark Weaver, Founding Partner


Mark resides in Hellam, PA with his wife Tina and youngest son Jordan. Mark's other two sons, Matt and Ethan, are both married and reside nearby. Both Matt and Ethan have worked for Weaver and Sons Excavation at some point. Mark has a combined 35 years of experience in the construction industry.    

Ron Yarger, Partner


Ron "Ronny" Yarger manages the day-to-day operations of Weaver and Sons on jobsites. He possesses 30+ years of experience from different fields in the construction industry. He is a perfectionist and will not leave a site until it's safe and in order. He is married with two children and he resides in Spring Grove, PA.

Gracie Weaver, Office Manager


Gracie is the daughter that Mark never had. She is also the face and enforcer of Weaver and Sons. When she is not invoicing or running a cost analysis for the upcoming year, she can be found sleeping on the couch in Mark's office. She brings a total of three years of construction experience to the team.




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